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BCM - Business Continuity Management

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail. Preparedness is the key. According to the Info Security News Magazine (2000), an effective BCP and disaster recovery plan can reduce losses by 90% in the event of an incident. According to another study 81% of CEOs indicated their company plans would not be able to cope with a catastrophic event like the 9-11 attacks. There are numerous examples of companies suffering due to poor or no Business Contingency Planning. The bottom line is businesses need to have plans in place to cope with incidents (whether they be major terrorist attacks or a minor hardware problem) and thereby avoid major business interruptions. Today, every organization understands this very well and want to have a strong BCP in place which creates the present demand for efficient BCP/DR professionals.

Target Audience:

Anyone interested in the implementation BCM.
Participants involved in developing, operating, and/or maintaining business
   continuity systems.
Professionals interested or involved with introducing BCM into an organization.
Business Continuity Managers.
Business Managers.
Professionals involved with other management systems.
Participants required by their manager/organization to learn about implementation of a BCM.

Course Outline
Understanding what can go wrong - Risk Assessment.
Which process are Business Critical - The Business Impact Analysis (BIA).
Setting Strategies.
IT Infrastructure - Mission critical enabler.
Emergency Response and Operations.
Crisis Management.
Writing Business Continuity Plan.
Testing and Exercising.
Education and Awareness Training.

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