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Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

IT infrastructure is the core of any business and need to be aligned with the business objectives are the biggest challenge to any organization. Businesses invest heavily today on Information Technology and are acquiring large IT infrastructure for modernizing their operations and management of IT Infrastructure becomes of paramount importance as business evolve to ensure better performance and enhanced productivity. IT Enterprises are investing heavily on technology and are acquiring large IT infrastructure to modernize their operations. As business needs evolve, management of IT infrastructure becomes crucial for better performance and enhanced productivity. To achieve business goals and objectives, IT has to be leveraged to the maximum possible extent. Hence proper planning, design, acquisition, architecture appropriate HW / SW, support and Training are highly essential.

We help businesses setup & manage their IT Infrastructure in a cost effective manner. We offer end-to-end IMS for consultancy, design, deployment using expert consultants using industry knowledge, best practices, frameworks and standards

Our IMS services include:

Database Services : Implementation of Oracle Cluster, RAC Implementation In Oracle, Data Guard Implementation For Oracle Server, Migration of Oracle database, DB2 Migration, Implementation of HADR in DB2, MS SQL Server Migration and High availability and Design & Build Datacenters.

Operating Systems: Configure HACMP in AIX, Configure Clusters in Solaris, Configure Linux Clusters, Install and configure WEB Servers and Mail Servers.

Virtualization: LPAR Configuration in P Series, Install and Configure ESX Servers, Moving Production Servers into ESX Virtualization Server and JBOSS Cluster.

Tivoli Product Services : TSM Implementation for DR Plan, TPM Implementation for OS Deployment and Patch Management, ITM,NETCOOL and TADAM Implementation.

Storage Solutions : Storage Implementation(IBM DS Series, EMC Products) and DR Site

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