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Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Professional (PMP) offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) is regarded as one of the most valued certifications available. The PMP following your name make you a piece of hot cake when it comes to employability and career advancement. Employers prefer PMPs over others as ‘PMP’ tells employers that you have a strong foundation of project management knowledge that can be readily used beneficially inthe workplace. Obtaining PMP certification will give you the project management skills to excel at your company. These skills will make you a more productive and valued contributor to current and future employers. In other words, you can enhance your project management skills and marketability by working toward your PMP certification. Even if we look at this certification from a purely materialistic standpoint, it has been noticed that employers are willing to pay more money for a PMP-certified professional. This stems from the belief that, although there are never any guarantees, a PMP-certified person probably has a background and skill level that is higher than his or her non-certified peers.

Target Audience

This programme is planned for managers and executives in IT and non-IT technical (e.g. engineering, technical support, consulting) and non-technical work areas (e.g. sales, marketing, business development, customer service), who need to acquire a high competency in project management, project control and documentation tools and processes

Velveer’s Delivery Model

Classroom, led by Certified Professionals with lot of industry and training experience, designed to be highly interactive and woven around the PMBOK 4th edition. It provides the participant to compare his acquired real time project management with that of the Best Practices as per PMBOK and to fill in the gaps. It also ensures that the participants understand the various techniques used world over by PMPs to make a project successful. Participants get a training material and each module is succeeded by a quiz, to ensure the grasp of the participants and a mock exam on the final day gives a fair idea of where the candidate stands with regards to the exam.

Course Outline
Project Management (as per PMI PMBOK, USA

• Module 1: Introduction to PMI, PMP and PMBOK.
• Module 2: Project Integration Management.
• Module 3: Project Scope Management
• Module 4: Project Time Management.
• Module 5: Project Cost Management.
• Module 6: Project Quality Management.
• Module 7: Project HR Management.
• Module 8: Project Communications Management.
• Module 9: Project Risk Management.
• Module 10: Project Procurement Management.
• Module 11: Professional Responsibilities.

Duration: 4 Days (Over 2 weekends) - Fulltime

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